Tired of shopping for unreasonably priced home furniture?

Keng Cushions Trading is the solution to all your furnishing needs. Being a consistent manufacturer and supplier of customized or designers furniture since 1977, Keng Cushions Trading takes pride in providing the ultimate customer satisfaction in delivering the state of the art furniture which will complete all design and layouts.



No off the shelf furniture can speak or express better than your ideas made to reality. Customization is becoming a highly popularized way to express your taste and character.


Eyeing on a piece of luxurious furniture but lack the space or budget to own it? Fabricate your own luxurious furniture. If you want a specific model, we can realize it for you, no matter the scope, size, design or colour.

Upholstery and Reupholstery

Our excellent upholstery services have won us plenty of loyal customers over the years who want to mend their vintage furniture and still keep apart a piece of the vintage with them. Reupholstery liven the old to brand new furnishing again.


Curtains are useful addition to block away the scorching sunlight, shielding your home from sight, providing that sense of privacy and also an important part to giving your home's décor a sense of completeness.


 "Your furniture will live forever! I've bought them 15 years ago and they look brand new! I recommend them to my friends and relatives."

Kylie Loo, Director

"Thank you for a wonderful job and great customer service. I have attached a photo of our new cushion in our bay window."

Leslie Chen, Sales Manager

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