About Us

Keng Cushions Trading is the solution to all your furnishing needs. Being a consistent manufacturer and supplier of customized or designers furniture since 1977 , Keng Cushions Trading takes pride in providing the ultimate customer satisfaction in delivering state of the art furniture which will compliment all designs and layouts.

We provide high level of customization as most pieces of furniture are made specifically to measure, satisfying the extensive needs of home, country club, entertainment club, hotel, showroom, spa and studio. From small home accessories such as bay window cushions, storage beds, curtains to large centerpiece sofa, wall panels and even cozy bedframe, we seek to meet all desires.

More and more people are exposed to creativity, aspiring to build and indulge in their dream homes. From simple country settings to sophisticated contemporary arrangements, big housings and apartments to minute shoe box flats; we will create a piece that fits.




At Keng Cushions Trading, we seek to satisfy your desires by turning beautiful designs into actual home furniture. With meticulous workmanship, our pieces are complimented with great designs, comfort and durability. It is why our customers keep coming back.



Creating made-to-measure sofa center pieces, comfortable and chic bay window or sofa cushions, to those dreamy yet dramatic curtains of any length, Keng Cushions Trading provide consistent good quality of our products. We want to bring your concept into actuality.